Big News - (No You Aren't Seeing Things!)

Sunday, 23 November 2008

I am sorry to keep talking about the site but something very exciting has happened.

I've had a number of pieces of feedback over the past weeks about the orange text color. It looks cool on some screens and terrible on others! I decided, therefore to take a big step out and change the text to purple. These changes will be made across the site over the next few days. I would like to get feedback on this as well though!

In other news, we've just heard that Delta are, in these times of economic trouble, adding four flights a week from JFK to Tel Aviv - we must be doing something right, Israel wouldnt be getting this if it wasnt cool!

Tourists are flocking to Israel and any help you can give us to help them to be cool there would be great!

Thanks for reading, and I promise there'll be some more exciting developments both on the site and travel in Israel, over the next days...

Until next time,

be cool in israel!

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