The First 100 Years - Tel Aviv

Saturday, 31 January 2009

This April will mark the 100th birthday of Tel Aviv. Established in 1909 on the sand dunes north of the ancient city of Jaffa, Tel Aviv was established by Jews wanting to escape from the overcrowded area which now makes up just a small district of modern Tel Aviv.

Originally designed to be a suburb, a master plan was drawn up based on European cities of the time. Wide boulevards, eclectic and later Bauhaus style architecture were brought to Tel Aviv by the immigrants who came from Germany and Austria. The city grew and grew, and continues to grow.

It is today the Mediterranean Capital of Cool with a phenomenal night life, beach life, cafe and restaurant culture, as well as a great climate, awesome museums, and fantasticly cool people. And, it is the center of the second most important region in the world for hi-tech industry after Silicon Valley, California.

The centennial makes 2009 the perfect year to visit Tel Aviv. Below is just a selection of the events taking place between April and December.

There really is something in there for everyone! The full program of events can be found here.

This year is going to be one like no other in Tel Aviv

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