Lonely Planet Covers Israel

Monday, 23 March 2009

Lonely Planet have just finished filming a documentary about Israel and the Palestinian Territories as part of its upcoming series: "Roads Less Traveled" which will have 13 one hour documentaries about forgotten travel destinations.

The series is focused on experiences rather than as a source of information, and we think its fantastic that they have chosen to include Israel in this guide.

With Tel Aviv celebrating its 100th anniversary this year, and last year, Israel not only celebrating its 60th, but also seeing record tourist numbers in a year where most of the world saw a decline in visitors, the more coverage Israel gets the better. The Pope's upcoming visit, as well as the inclusion of the country in a number of upcoming blockbuster films can only help to show the 'real Israel' which is unknown to much of the world.

The series isnt expected to be showed until later in the year, but as soon as we know more details, we'll let you know...

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