Eilat to be Upgraded & Hotels to Become Cheaper

Saturday, 18 April 2009

Israel's new tourism minister, Stas Misezhnikov might have overexaggerated this week when he said "There's nothing to do in Eilat" but he was right that there could be more for tourists to do in the city itself. At the moment, the great underwater observatory, beaches, and watersport attractions, are more or less all there is to do in the city iself. Although nearby there is much more.

But he didnt stop there..

The minister announced that he will be creating a tourism 'masterplan' for the south of the city. This will include more hotels, a new promenade, and more attractions.

The new Minister also announced that by building more hotels across the whole country, he would be able to reduce the cost of accomodation. More great news.

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