Tel Aviv Then and Now

Saturday, 11 April 2009

Tel Aviv is this week celebrating its 100th birthday. A huge celebration has been going on and it has caused us to think just how much the city has changed.

From sand dunes just 100 years ago, to being crowned the Mediterranean Capital of Cool is quite an achievement. There are no other cities in the world like Tel Aviv. So what makes Tel Aviv special?

  • The huge collection of Bauhaus buildings which have been stunningly restored
  • The way in which it can be a serious economic center and world-class nightlife center with a laid back heart
  • The way that life is centered around the beach
  • The way that nobody wears suits
  • The mingling of world-class restaurants and cafes alongside traditional food outlets
  • The mix of eastern cuisine and Arabic culture, with Western values and business
  • The way that a city of just 400,000 is so well known around the world
But really it cant be done, Tel Aviv is special, and we just cant put our finger on it

Its something in the air...

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