Dinner in the Tel Aviv Sky

Monday, 25 May 2009

Three things about Tel Aviv:

  • It has great restaurants
  • Its a fun city
  • It always has to be different and reinvent familiar concepts
If you believe these three things you wont be so surprised about the latest restaurant to open in the city. Named 'Dinner in the Sky' there aren't many restaurants with such literal names, and there aren't many like it in the world - and we can be sure of that!

Modelled after a Belgian restaurant which went up every evening, the Tel Aviv Dinner in the Sky opened this week. Diners get strapped to leather seats attached at the base to a metal table, before being lifted 40 meters into the sky. The views are great (although we havent been up there ourselves) and the experience cannot be matched.

There is a video on the Jerusalem Post website here.

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