Focus on: Golan Heights

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

The latest page on Tourist Israel, Israel's Cool Travel Guide is dedicated to the Golan Heights. We suggest you read it in context at

The Golan Heights rises up to the East of the Sea of Galilee. Eagles are nesting at Gamla, and dear are roaming at Odem, whilst man gazes at the spectacular landscape from Mount Bental and skis at Mount Hermon. The Golan is a land of beauty.

Ski @ Mount Hermon

Mount Hermon Ski Resort, Israel's only ski resort has 50 days of skiing a year in the winter months. Whilst not a world-class resort, it is pretty cool to be able to ski less than three hours away from the desert, and attracts almost 300,000 visitors a year. The resort is also open in the summer months and is really popular for its diversity of plant life and magnificent views. The lifts are open all year round so if you're there in summer, you can hike and swim in the many streams. In spring the plains are at their most beautiful, carpeted with multi-colored flowers. In autumn the cooler weather attracts hikers to the many wooded trails.


A national park with a difference! On a rocky camel-shaped outcrop, it is the site of a Jewish city founded 2000 years ago. Dubbed the 'Masada of the North' by some, the site is one of Israel's many gems not so much for its antiquities but for something else. Its stunning views, and observatory attract bird enthusiasts from around the world coming to see the Griffon Vulture (as well as the view of course!)

Mount Bental

Bental offers literally breathtaking views across both Israel's Galilee and the flat plains of Syria. A cafe here called Koffee Anan is a clever pun - it means Coffee in the Clouds in Hebrew, and is the name of the past head of the UN - you'll see the significance of this if you visit.


The Banias waterfall is known as one of Israel's most tranquil spots (and after seeing Israel you'll realise just how amazing it must be.) Not only can you take some relaxing walks here, but also realise its importance in the New Testament.

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