Where to Stay, The Israel Trail, and More

Sunday, 24 May 2009

We've been hard at work at Tourist Israel over the last few days. We've added a huge range of new pages to provide even more information about travelling to Israel.

  • The Israel National Trail Stretches the length of Israel from North to South and offers great fun for hikers of all abilities. Whether you want to spend three weeks hiking the length, or just an afternoon doing a small walk, read more here.
  • There are so many hotels in Israel that travellers are often stuck for choice. With such choice, its very easy to miss the coolest hotels which will give the best experience. That's why we've added a small selection of our pick of hotels to the site. You can see where to sleep in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, the Galilee, Dead Sea, and Eilat.
And there's more to come...

We've also added new functionality for users to give us feedback. This is really helpful for us as we try to shape the future of the site. It gives us ideas of what to add, what to change, and tells us what's good and what's bad.

be cool in israel

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