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Wednesday, 15 July 2009

With so much coastline, Israel is not short of beaches. Here are some of our picks along the Mediterranean and Sea of Galilee coastlines.


Located about half way between Tel Aviv and Haifa, Caesarea has two of Israel's best beaches, the Harbor Beach, and Aquaduct Beach.

One of Israel's most unique beaches is at the Caesarea Harbor. This archaelogical site is one of the world's oldest ports, and inside the cove lies a quaint and well maintained beach - the Harbor Beach. Although an entry fee of 25 NIS fo adult/20 NIS for child is required, this beach has great facilities, including a lifeguard, changing rooms, and an all important bar/cafe. Combine this with a visit to Caesarea's ancient ruins, for an even more special day.

The Aquaduct Beach might not be in Caesarea's National Park, but has a stunning location of its own. Located in front of an ancient Aquaduct, the beach is breathtaking although facilites are not as good.

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An upscale neighborhood just 20 minutes north of downtown Tel Aviv, Herzliya seems worlds away, and its beaches are extremely popular. Herzliya Beach is a long clean, lifeguarded stretch of beach which runs from the Marina in the South to the area of Nof Yam in the North. The beach gets incredibly crowded in the summer, especially at weekends, however.

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Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv's 14 mile long stretch of coastline has so many beaches, that we've dedicated a whole page to them here.

Hilton Beach is located in the north of the city, and is one of the city's youngest, trendiest beach, and unofficially the city's gay beach. Gordon-Frishman beach is right in the center of the city and is packed in the summer as people chill out from their hectic days. The Banana Beach is great for a relaxing evening drink, whilst the Dolphinarium Beach is renowned for its Friday music festivals! And maybe, the most laid back beach in the city, Alma Beach is quieter because it has no lifeguard.

Sea of Galilee

There are lots of open access points to the beaches surrounding the Sea of Galilee, although these are unserviced. If you dont require facilities, the best beach is Tsemach Beach on the eastern shore, where you can also rent basic facilities for a small fee.

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