Where do Tourists Really Like to go?

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Forget London and Paris, two of the world's tourist magnets, each attracting tens of millions of tourists each year, it seems that Jerusalem is a more favored destination!

A survey by Travel + Leisure magazine has ranked the 'City of Gold' the 17th best tourist destination in the world, making it more popular than London, Paris, and Barcelona.

And why would be surprised...

Jerusalem is really a unique city - nowhere else holds such importance to so many people being holy to Jews, Christians and Muslims. The ancient sites lie next to modern attractions, and a Western infrastructure supports it all. Plus, the rest of Israel is nearby, with Tel Aviv and the Dead Sea well under an hour away. Read more about travelling in Jerusalem here.

Despite Jerusalem's popularity, Tel Aviv did not make the top 20 list although it did rank seventh among cities in the Middle East and Africa. That really isnt bad

Now all we need is some more tourists to enjoy it and make us number one next year!

be cool in israel

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